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Below are some frequently asked questions to help famliarize you with the process.
  • How does Fundrageous work?
    Fundrageous is an online marketplace for real estate investing for investors and borrowers. Investors can invest in pre-vetted real estate investments online through a simple and secure website. Borrowers can obtain loans by filling out an online application.
  • Who is Fundrageous?
    [Benworth Capital Partners, LLC, dba Fundrageous, OR Fundragrous, LLC] is a licensed lender with a Team of seasoned professionals dedicated to transparency, professionalism and the customer experience in everything we do. Click Here to meet our Leadership Team.
  • Who invests with Fundrageous?
    Our investors are all accredited individuals typically with a high net worth. Institutional investors are also welcome. Accredited Investors are individuals that meet certain criteria defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission. To be an accredited investor as an individual investor, you must have an annual income of over $200,000 per year ($300,000 per couple) with the expectation of that continuing, or a net worth of more than $1 million, excluding the value of a primary residence.
  • What is crowdfunding?
    In short, crowdfunding is the process of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.
  • What is the benefit to investors?
    Investors benefit from typically larger returns and access to pre-screened deals that they might not have known about in the past. Investors are also able to diversify their portfolios by investing in several different deals with other investors.
  • How does the investment process work?
    Investors can invest in pre-screened real estate investments online through our secure portal. Simply create an account and set up your funding source. When you are ready to invest, funds are held in an FDIC insured US bank and held in escrow with a licensed attorney. Fundrageous, LLC does not receive the funds until the minimum offering has been met and your subscription has been accepted.
  • Are the investments risky?
    Yes, these investments are highly speculative and investors should be able to bear the loss of their entire investment. We ask you to read all the materials carefully before investing.
  • What are our average returns?
    While returns vary, they are subject to a variety of factors including property location, loan size and experience of the borrower. Each project is chosen carefully by our Team of professionals.
  • What happens to my investment if Fundrageous goes out of business?
    Because your investment is collateralized by a filed mortgage on real estate, you still have rights to collect from the Borrower.  You maintain full rights as the lender.
  • How are investments pre-screened before coming to Fundrageous?
    Our Team underwrites the offering and does all the due diligence before an investor sees it. This includes an overview of the project and an independent appraisal of the real estate. We also look in to the background of the borrowers and the individual(s) guaranteeing the loan, if any.
  • Does Fundrageous recommend investments?
    We provide investors with the opportunity to research and understand the offering before investing. Fundrageous NEVER recommends or touts one investment over another. An investor should rely on their own research and knowledge before investing.
  • How are payments collected and remitted to investors?
    Fundrageous or its affilaite, as the servicer for all loans, will receive the payments directly from the borrower and will remit such payments directly to investors electronically, net of any applicable servicing or processing fees.
  • What is the minimum investment amount?
    $25,000, however, Fundrageous reserves the right to accept smaller incremental investments.
  • How can investors keep track of their investments?
    All investors have access to an investor dashboard. Through the dashboard, investors can track all investments and all transactions. Earnings and notes placed in the system by Fundrageous are also available.
  • How long is the investment period?
    Each note typically has a term of one year with an automatic extension of one year (two years total). Please be aware of the expected hold period for each investment before making an investment.
  • Can I get my investment back upon request?
    No. Your investment, along with those of other investors, is tied to a specific promissory note and mortgage.  When that obligation is paid off, you will receive your investment back. You will receive interest payments monthly.
  • Who owns the note?
    You have an undivided fractional ownership interest in the Note. The note is owned fractionally by all the investors related to the specific offering, as evidenced by the filing of the note and mortgage with the county clerk’s office.
  • When do I receive my documents?
    Shortly after closing, our servicing department will inform you when you can view and print all the documents related to the closing. Typically, it can take up to sixty-five (65) or more days after the Company has received all funding commitments for the Note, and funding for the Note is fully subscribed, for the Note to be issued.
  • How is investing with Fundrageous different than a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)?
    When investing in a REIT, investors typically have little to no information regarding actual properties the REIT invests in and cannot invest in. They also cannot pick and choose what the REIT invests in. At Fundrageous we pride ourselves on the concept of transparency. You will have access to all the information we have in order to make an educated investment decision, and you will be able to choose what Notes to invest in and will receive a direct undivided fractional ownership interest in such Notes.
  • Are there fees to join?
    Joining Fundrageous and browsing available offerings is free of charge once you set up an account.
  • What happens if a Borrower stops making payments?
    Fundrageous will determine what legal options are available and make every attempt to mitigate loss. In the event of a foreclosure, Fundrageous will inform all investors if any significant actions are taken on their specific loan investments.
  • What are the tax implications of investing in loans?
    Investments in loans will result in interest income to investors. Each investor will receive a 1099, Consult your tax professional for actual tax implications.
  • How often should distributions be expected?
    Typically interest distributions will be made monthly, however, no distributions are guaranteed.