A Licensed Lender that is democratizing real estate for all

Our Values

What separates Fundrageous
  • When investing in a traditional real estate fund, you’re left out in the cold with no idea where your money has gone or what the chances of success may be. Our goal is to put you squarely in the driver’s seat…simple as that. You will have full access to information about your investment, who makes money and how. Fundrageous operates with transparency as our #1 guiding principle.

    We are a trusted advisor that can help evaluate your needs, protect your assets and ultimately make money on the outrageous deals to which we have access. Only one crowdfunding platform can offer you the Fundrageous Peace of Mind Guarantee. We pledge to all of our investors strict adherence to the following twelve values:

  • Our guiding principle is TRANSPARENCY at all levels. We will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

  • We are a licensed mortgage lender that brings decades of expertise when underwriting and servicing the loan you invested in.*

  • FUNDRAGEOUS only invests in debt on deals backed by real estate. We do not offer equity deals or mezzanine financing.

  • Although Crowdfunding may be new…this business model is not new to us. We do this every day! That is, we raise capital and put that money into private mortgage loans.

  • Rest assured that we have vetted the borrower and real estate asset, to the best of our ability, in order to present you the loans with the highest potential for success.

  • We will only offer first position mortgages. No subordinate loans or otherwise secondary financing.

  • We will never offer you borrower dependent notes (which are typically unsecured), all FUNDRAGEOUS loans are backed by a real estate asset.

  • You’re not investing into a fund, the note will be fractionalized and assigned to you based on the percentage you own. This means that you can always cross check where your investment has gone by going to the local clerk’s office.

  • Your initial investment into a Note will go directly to the escrow account of a licensed attorney held at an FDIC insured US Bank. The money is never touched by anyone from our team, until the minimum offering is met and the money is release to Fundrageous, LLC.

  • Our Underwriting Pledge: We’re a bridge lender first and foremost and are in this space to help borrowers with short term mortgage needs. Our loans are not a long term solution. Our interest is in knowing what the borrower’s strategy is for making the deal work, and then knowing what their plans are to exit successfully. In short, we want to facilitate outrageous investment deals, not own them.

  • We typically escrow for taxes and insurance on each loan. This gives you the peace of mind that a default will not be triggered by non-payment of taxes and insurance.

  • After the loan closes, all of the loan information and documentation can always be found online 24 hours a day 7 days a week, on our servicing portal.

*Fundrageous is a Benworth Capital Crowdfund NMLS #: 374363.